Michael Kollo, Chief Executive Officer of Evolved.AI

Michael Kollo, Chief Executive Officer of Evolved.AI

Impact Alpha Partners Appoints Strategic Advisor

Michael Kollo Joins Board

Micael Kollo joins Impact Alpha Partners in a strategic advisory role

Impact investment advisory company Impact Alpha Partners has appointed Michael Kollo as a Strategic Advisor to its Board of Directors.

Kollo is the Chief Executive Officer of Evolved.AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) advisory firm. Previously, he was General Manager – Quantitative Solutions and Risk at super fund HESTA. 

Kollo is also well known for his time in the asset management industry, where he was a quantitative researcher and portfolio manager for BlackRock, Fidelity, Renaissance Asset Management and AXA Rosenberg.

In addition, he was also a Non-Executive Director at Clime Asset Management.

Kollo was also a member of the Academic Oversight Board for Asset Allocation and Machine Learning at State Super, at the time when Andrew Huang, Managing Director of Impact Alpha Partners, was a Senior Investment Manager of Equities at the fund.

“We are privileged to have an advisor of Mike’s uniquely broad subject matter expertise and industry experience to support our future activities and growth,” Huang said.

Kollo’s appointment strengthens Impact Alpha Partners’ efforts to use AI in implementing impact investment strategies.

“Impact investing is crucial for achieving our global climate goals. By directing capital towards sustainable initiatives, we can drive innovation and create solutions that address the most pressing environmental and social challenges,” Kollo said. 

“Additionally, setting up a company that is ready to scale through the pragmatic application of AI is essential. AI not only enhances operational efficiency, but also enables us to make data-driven decisions that amplify our impact.” 

Kollo was a guest in Episode 89 of the [i3] Podcast, which was published in October 2023.