Our history

The Investment Innovation Institute [i3] was established in 2012 by Teik Heng Tan. The Institute initially launched three educational programs for Australian superannuation funds and insurance companies, with a focus on investment strategy and governance.

In recent years, it has added programs for Asian investors, staging forums in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. A portfolio construction stream for pension and sovereign wealth funds in the Pacific island region was subsequently developed, hosted in Fiji and New Zealand.

In addition, [i3] runs asset class-specific forums for equities, alternatives, fixed income and real estate professionals. The [i3] Luncheon series, often featuring thought-provoking academic research, has proved to be immensely popular too.

In 2016, experienced editor and investment journalist Wouter Klijn joined the Institute and launched an educational publication, [i3] Insights, to complement the existing programs.

The publication consists of a dedicated website and bi-monthly commentary for subscribers. It features exclusive interviews with leading figures in the industry worldwide. By sharing their ideas, we aim to facilitate informed discussions among peers and improve common practices within the industry.

The [i3] Podcast series was launched in 2018, adding another dimension for sharing content in a casual and conversational manner.

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic facilitated the pivot to online, the [i3] Digital programs continue to thrive in the post-pandemic era, complementing the in-person forums.

[i3] now operates a membership-style model to house a regular series of events, further enhancing peer-to-peer engagement for the investment community.

Our business

The Investment Innovation Institute [i3] is a leading provider of educational forums and editorial content for the institutional investment community, with particular focus on sovereign, pension, endowment and insurance funds.

[i3] seeks to challenge traditional paradigms in institutional investing and inspire new thinking. This is delivered via a series of programs and editorial channels:

  • [i3] Forums comprise interactive dialogues, ideas exchange and peer-to-peer networking, focusing on investment strategy, asset allocation, implementation practices and governance.
  • [i3] Luncheons complement the forum series, featuring practitioners, academics and book authors.
  • [i3] Insights consists of a dedicated portal and a bi-monthly email commentary to investors mainly in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as globally
  • [i3] Podcast features a series of interviews and candid conversations with global investors and thought leaders.
  • [i3] Digital provides the online platform for virtual roundtable discussions and webinars


Through these initiatives, [i3] provides an independent platform for investors to be kept abreast of global thought leadership, academic research and best practices.


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