The [i3] Podcast is a conversation with some of the leading institutional investors around the world, discussing their philosophy towards investing, in particular towards portfolio construction and investment strategy.

Whereas our written content provides a succinct overview of key trends and discussions taking place in the investment industry, the podcast format allows us to delve deeper into these issues and provides a window into the minds of asset allocators. We discuss their careers and how they apply their experience in their current roles.

The [i3] Podcast was launched in 2018 and was initially hosted by Daniel Grioli, a former institutional portfolio manager and author of the popular blog MarketFox. After Daniel started his own business, Guiscard Capital, his focus shifted to the high net worth individual and family office industries and he decided he needed to concentrate his efforts on his core audience.

Yet, during his time as [i3] Podcast host, Daniel recorded some all time favourites, including his extensive discussion with Jeremy Grantham, co-founder of GMO, discussing his career, the state of US politics and future of value investing.

He also spoke to Denise Selden, Senior Portfolio Manager at Copper Rock, about being one of the few women on Wall Street at a time when women weren’t even allowed to eat in the Wall Street lunchroom.

Daniel also spoke with Sue Brake, the current Deputy CIO for the Future Fund, but who was a Senior Investment Consultant for Willis Towers Watson at the time.

They talked about the importance of governance in asset management and the real cost associated with bad governance. Daniel also manages to get Sue to play a game in which he asks her to respond to quotes by Yale CIO David Swensen about asset consultants.

Currently, the [i3] Podcast is hosted by the Investment Innovation Institute’s Director of Content and [i3] Insights Editor Wouter Klijn. Some of the more memorable discussions include a conversation with Fiona Trafford-Walker, looking back on her 25-years with asset consultant Frontier Advisors. Fiona recently announced her retirement as asset consultant, but was for many years one of the most respected consultants in Australia.

We looked at the changing role of asset consultants and discussed tricky issues including manager research, style drift and value investing.

Wouter also spoke with Michael Recce, who is Chief Data Scientist with Neuberger Berman and is leading the firm’s effort in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We spoke about whether the current hype surrounding this area is justified and how predictive algorithms apply to investing.

Stewart Brentnall is the Chief Investment Officer of Tcorp, the asset management arm of the state of NSW. In this podcast, we discussed the fund’s move towards a total portfolio approach, how TCorp views partnerships with fund managers and Stewart’s thoughts on the Canadian Model.

In a conversation with Rob Arnott, founder and Chairman of Research Affiliates, we discussed the value factor and why it hasn’t worked for the last decade. Rob also lamented the burden of public listings and revealed he will never take Research Affiliates public.

Now spanning more than 50 episodes, the [i3] Podcast database contains a wealth of information that you rarely find together in one place. It provides a rich source of educational material that is suitable to both seasoned and junior portfolio managers.

We were humbled to have been included in the list of Top Investment Podcasts of 2018 by author, entrepreneur, and investment fund manager Meb Faber.

In announcing his list, Meb marveled at how much quality content is available today through the various podcasts.

“Seriously, you should listen to these, it’s like getting a Masters in Investing…unreal that these are all free…what a time to be alive!”

What a time indeed.

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