Episode 89: Dr. Michael Kollo on ChatGPT and Distrust

Application to the Institutional Investment Industry

Why are Australians so distrustful of artificial intelligence compared to most other countries? We asked Dr. Michael Kollo this question and discussed the impact of new versions of ChatGPT on the institutional investment industry. Enjoy the show!

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Overview of Podcast with Dr. Michael Kollo

01:00 Getting involved in artificial intelligence
03:30 Australia doesn’t trust AI, why is that?
06:30 AI in the investment industry; any edge is quickly adopted
08:30 If you are a super fund trying to communicate with a million members, then you have no choice but to use AI
13:00 Sometimes these large language models lie. Language models versus knowledge models.
15:00 Some of the upcoming new models are very powerful and potential chatGPT killers
18:00 The art of prompting; towards standardised interactions with AI
19:30 Generative AI is not forecasting any data points; it is forecasting language points
21:00 Gen Y has a 70 per cent use rate of chatGPT. Gen X and boomers; 60 per cent has never heard of it
23:00 What is to me the more interesting part is holding yourself to a higher level of questioning and reasoning
24:30 AI as the devil’s advocate
27:00 AI in scenario modelling and risk management
30:00 Looking ahead, the way we might engage with computers will be less about clicking boxes and more about expressing ourselves. This might break a lot of marketing models
35:00 The impact of quantum computing on AI
40:00 AI in tackling the large problems


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