Insurance Luncheon with Allianz Australia CIO

Insurance Luncheon with Allianz Australia CIO

Revisiting Insurance Portfolios with Allianz

The shift towards structurally lower interest rates globally in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, and indeed the existence of negative interest rates in many countries, has forced a range of investors to re-think their longer term structural asset allocation approaches.

In this lunchtime presentation, Allianz Australia’s CIO Anthony Michael will take us through how one of the world’s largest insurance companies is evolving its strategic approach, particularly as it relates to investing in non-public and alternative asset classes.

He will also share some of the challenges in implementing change against the backdrop of varying local and global regulatory and taxation regimes.

About the Speaker

Anthony Michael joined Allianz Australia as Chief Investment Officer in October 2017. He is responsible for asset liability management, multi-asset investment, strategic asset allocation and outsourcing partnerships.

Prior to joining Allianz Australia, Anthony was a principal consultant with Frontier Advisors, while before that he was for many years Head of Fixed Income and Multi Asset – Asia Pacific at Aberdeen Asset Management, where he was responsible for more than 30 staff based in Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.