Insurance Investment Forum 2024
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Insurance Investment Forum 2024

Efficiency & Optimisation

In the bustling symphony of nature, the humble bee takes centre stage as a marvel of efficiency, organisation and collective wisdom.

It epitomises the principle of optimising resources for maximum benefit. From their meticulously calculated foraging patterns to their systematic construction of intricate honeycombs, bees demonstrate the value of making every move count.

Insurance investing echoes this philosophy in the context of the asset/liability management, calibrating enterprise-wise risk measures and optimising the delicate ‘tension’ between liabilities (actuarial/underwriting), assets (investments) and business risk (commercial objectives).


Bees build their hives to withstand environmental challenges, adapting their behaviour to changing conditions. Insurance investors, too, have to design portfolios to withstand market uncertainties and volatilities in a macroeconomic environment that is increasingly influenced by government interventions and geopolitical tensions.

From the low yield environment of the past decade to the abrupt high inflation of the post-COVID era, to an anticipated soft landing and recession, managing insurers’ portfolio remains challenging.

For commercial insurers regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), LAGIC capital requirements, understandably important, adds another layer of complexity.


The concept of sustainability ingrained in bees’ role as pollinators aligns with the broader trends of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations in insurance investing. General insurers, in particular, are at the coalface of climate change, with increasing weather catastrophes significantly affecting reinsurance premiums and claims.

On top of capital requirements, APRA has also emphasised the importance of modelling the impact of climate-related risks, citing the 1.5-degree Celsius transition scenario that anchors the Paris Agreement. How does that impact portfolio construction?

Financial Stability

Just as bees adjust their foraging patterns to ensure continuity of their hives, insurance companies must navigate the complex landscape of investments, liabilities and risks to secure a stable and ‘buzzing’ future.

The harmony of efficiency, collaboration, resilience and sustainability exhibited by these industrious insects offers a roadmap for insurance investors seeking to build comprehensive strategies that protect against risks, ensure growth, and contribute to the well-being of their policyholders and the broader financial ecosystem.

We look forward to a robust discussion of these issues with life, general, health and government insurers at the 12th annual Insurance Investment Forum 2024.