Climate Transition Webinar with Aviva Investors
[i3] Climate Transition with Aviva Investors

Climate Transition Webinar with Aviva Investors

In partnership with Aviva Investors, the Investment Innovation Institute [i3] is pleased to convene a webinar to discuss the implications of climate transition to investors’ portfolios.

Climate Transition: Beyond Low Carbon Investing

With the knowledge of the decarbonisation challenge ahead (to limit global warming to 1.5o C) and knowing that we are already experiencing the physical and environmental impacts from climate change, how can investors continue to invest to deliver long-term capital growth for a climate conscious and sustainable future ?.

With combined backgrounds in Environmental Biology, Environmental Technology and Finance, Rick Stathers and Jaime Ramos Martin share their perspectives on how investors can go beyond low carbon investing to build resilience into portfolios.

This webinar will cover topics such as:

  • The urgency and scale of transformation required to align with the 1.5o C warming objective
  • Why we need to go beyond exclusion – as the physical and policy impacts of climate change affect every actor in the global economy
  • How can investors understand and quantify climate transition risk across corporate value chains? What opportunities does this present for alpha generation?
  • How can we actively engage with companies to ensure they are committed to a 1.5oC warming pathway through the adoption of Science Based Targets?



Rick StathersRick Stathers, Senior GRI Analyst, Climate Specialist

Rick joined the Aviva Investors Global Responsible Investment team in 2018 with a primary focus on climate change and responsibility for ESG coverage of the industrials sector.

Rick has almost 20 years’ experience in responsible investment. He was Head of Responsible Investment at Schroders for 16 years and a Global Director at the CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project) for two years. He has a Bachelors’ degree in Agriculture and Food Science and a Masters in Environmental Technology. Rick has a particular interest in syntropic agriculture and the dual role of forests in building resilience in the food system and combating climate change.


Jaime Ramos Martin, Portfolio Manager, Aviva InvestorsJaime Ramos Martin, Portfolio Manager

Jaime is a portfolio manager on the global equity team. Prior to joining Aviva Investors, Jaime was at Standard Life Aberdeen for 12 years where he worked as a global equity fund manager after roles on the US equity and European equity teams. Before this he worked at Mercer Investment consulting after beginning his career at the Central Bank of Spain.

Jaime holds a MSc in Finance from the London Business School and a BBA from CUNEF. He is also a CFA® charterholder.