Episode 88: HMC Capital’s David Di Pilla

Diversified Alternative Investments

David Di Pilla is Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of HMC Capital, a diversified alternative investment firm. In this episode, we speak about the challenges of building a new investment firm during the COVID-19, the attraction of healthcare real estate and the taking a private equity approach to listed markets. Please enjoy the show!

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Overview of Podcast with David Di Pilla:

1:00 The founding of HMC Capital
4:00 Building a business in the pandemic
5:30 We are looking for businesses that we are prepared to own forever
6:50 COVID-19 has really changed how people go about their daily lives
9:50 Daily needs and the 15-minute city
14:00 Institutional investors give you a big tick for investing in healthcare real estate, but the challenging bit is finding them at the right price. But we are very close to closing an institutional fund
16:00 Playing into the energy transition
18:00 Taking a private equity approach to the listed markets
21:50 Valuating unlisted assets
25:00 Looking at future strategies, talking build-to-rent or manufactured housing
27:50 I see interest rates remaining at this level for the best part of 2024
28:30 Reaching net zero


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