Episode 90: Janus Henderson’s Australian Insurance Report

Jay Sivapalan on Report Findings

In this episode of the [i3] Podcast, we speak with Jay Sivapalan, Head of Australian Fixed Income at Janus Henderson about the company’s 2023 Australian Insurance Report, a survey of insurance companies and their plans for their investment portfolios. The survey found that no less than 9 out of every 10 insurers plan to change their strategic asset allocation!

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Overview of podcast with Jay Sivapalan:

01:00 Discussing the 2023 Australian Insurance Report by Janus Henderson Investors
04:00 Every 9 out of 10 insurers are revisiting their SAA
05:00 Top three concerns for insurers
05:50 Changes in the portfolios, especially life insurers look to add risk in the portfolio
09:00 Health insurers are now moving on to the LAGIC framework
10:00 Many insurers look to allocate more to unlisted infrastructure
13:00 Life insurers were most concerned about a recession. Why is that?
15:00 On tail risk hedging
18:00 Marrying investment objectives with regulatory requirements
22:00 Liability conscious investing
24:00 Insurers sometimes have to be counter cyclical investors
26:00 The different types of insurers look differently at ESG issues
30:00 The survey found that 74 per cent of insurers were planning to implement artificial intelligence. That seems high?


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