Greg Wilkinson, Head of Insurance Strategy, JANA

Greg Wilkinson, Head of Insurance Strategy, JANA

JANA Appoints Head of Insurance Strategy

Firm Elevates Greg Wilkinson

Asset consulting firm JANA has expanded its insurance advisory services and created a new role of Head of Insurance Strategy. The firm has appointed Greg Wilkinson from within its own ranks to lead the expanded service.

The expansion of JANA’s insurance focus is in response to the increasingly complex needs of the sector, which is facing lower premium revenue and increased potential claim experience, the firm said.

The coronavirus pandemic has only added to these challenges as it has reduced forward-looking returns from many asset classes. This is particularly problematic for insurers, which generally rely on defensive assets, such as fixed interest and cash, which are already facing historically low yields.

“We have created the Head of Insurance Strategy position to allow us to build the support we provide to our clients,” Jim Lamborn, Chief Executive Officer of JANA, said. “Greg’s appointment and industry expertise will deliver significant uplifts in our capability in regulatory advice, digital solutions and modelling support to our clients.”

Wilkinson joined JANA in 2014 and is currently a Senior Consultant and a member of JANA’s Global Equities Research Team. Before joining JANA, he was a consultant at Rice Warner Actuaries, where he worked extensively with Australian superannuation funds and insurance companies.

Wilkinson has more than 24 years’ experience in the financial services industry, including 12 years working as a defined benefit actuary in the United Kingdom.

“Our insurance strategy will focus on enhancing our support for clients through investment strategy, asset allocation and manager selection,” Wilkinson said.

JANA has been advising the insurance market since 2004, and its insurance clients have over $9 billion in assets under management.


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