Introducing The New [i3] Logo and Website

Introducing The New [i3] Logo and Website

Commitment to Investor Education

This week, the Investment Innovation Institute [i3] launched its refreshed logo and website in an effort to show our commitment to delivering you relevant and original investment content.

It is our mission to challenge traditional paradigms in institutional investing, inspire new thinking and instigate change through knowledge sharing.

We do this primarily through our educational programs, which bring together investment professionals from all over the world, creating a community where you can exchange thoughts and share the insights gained over many years of working in the institutional investment industry.

The new website supports this by placing content at the forefront, creating a hub for informed discussion, while continuing to provide information on our activities during the year.

And as our website received a makeover, so did our logo.

The new [i3] logo pays homage to the institute’s history through a stylistic representation of the three I’s swirling around our acronym in a colourful burst of dynamism.

But it also shows we have our eyes firmly set on the future through sporting imagery that translates well to all forms of modern technology.

As always, we are keen to hear your feedback and hope you’ll enjoy your exploration of our new digital home.

Thank you for your ongoing support,

The Investment Innovation Institute [i3] team.