Roundtable: Climate Aware Asset Allocation
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Roundtable: Climate Aware Asset Allocation

Although many institutional investors have incorporated climate change metrics in their bottom-up, security selection process, it is equally important to understand the implications of global warming on the asset allocation of a multi-asset portfolio.

For example, academic literature shows that temperature deviations from historic trends correlate with lower economic growth, and that more pronounced temperature swings even tend to correlate with lower equity returns.

Climate change will also have a different impact on different regions, countries and sectors, and investors will need to make decisions as to how to best build resilience into their portfolios.

Climate & Asset Allocation

In this investor roundtable, we will take a look at the merits of climate aware asset allocation. Research by Wai Lee, Global Head of Research at Allspring Global Investments, has shown that three asset classes in particular could help basing an asset allocation on climate aware capital market assumptions: global equities, credit and futures overlays.

In this investor roundtable, co-hosted with Allspring Global Investments, we will address:

  • Is there such a thing as a “greenium” – the concept that investors are willing to pay extra or accept lower returns/yields in exchange for sustainable impact?
  • Is there a correlation between temperature swings, economic activity and equity returns?
  • If climate change lowers growth and increases uncertainty, should we then lower our investment objectives or increase the allocation to riskier assets, including equities and credit?


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