Global Property Forum 2019

Global Property Forum 2019

The secular changes in the investment environment, coupled with late cycle concerns, have prompted investors to diversify away from reliance on the equity risk premium and fixed income returns, while securing stable income and building inflation protection. This has strengthened the case for increased exposure to property as an asset class.

However investors need to be cognizant of the portfolio construction objectives such as risk tolerance, illiquidity as well as other financing and structural constraints. Furthermore, each property sub-asset class also contains varying risk/return characteristics that impact the overall portfolio diversification.

In association with Atchison Consultants, this forum will cover property portfolio construction and risk management challenges for institutional investors. This includes evaluating the liquidity vs complexity opportunity set for

  • Global vs local
  • REITS vs unlisted/direct
  • Geography vs sectors
    In addition, we will also examine unique global opportunities, particularly in unlisted/direct assets, in sub-sectors such as multi-family; industrial and logistics and other specialist sectors.

    Overlaying the broad issues will be technology disruption and ESG matters.