Christmas Reception 2018

Christmas Reception 2018

As a wrap-up to a busy year, the Investment Innovation Institute [i3] is pleased to host the annual Christmas Drinks for members, clients and friends. This is an opportune time to relax and catch-up with peers as well as reflect and celebrate the year’s achievements.

We also take this opportunity to support mental health education program, PROP (People Reaching Out to People).

Rob Prugue, Founder of PROP, will share his motivation and passion behind this education program.

After losing five friends to suicide over a twelve month window, Rob asked himself: “Could I have done more?” The truth is, probably no. Not because he didn’t care, but because his own awareness on the subject was littered with stigmatic beliefs. He then embarked on a journey to use education to unlearn this stigma imposed on many of us since childhood.

PROP, or People Reaching Out to People, is Rob’s attempt to fight the stigma associated with mental health. He hopes to start a movement by using education as a means to fighting the rise in suicides, by empowering us to be present for others who may need our empathy.

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