Episode 34: MarketFox’ Daniel Grioli

Decision Making, Emotions and the Psychology of Investing

Daniel Grioli is the voice behind many of our podcasts, but he is also a professional investor and adviser as principal and founder of Guiscard Capital. Having worked previously within Australian pension funds, in his last capacity as deputy CIO, Daniel understands the issues institutional investors are facing. In this podcast, [i3] Insights editor Wouter Klijn delves into these issues, not only from an investment point of view, but we also address organisational challenges and behavioural ones.

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Overview Daniel Grioli podcast:

2:00 Who is the MarketFox?
7:20 Do you still find psychology applicable in finance?
11:00 Is swearing off emotions entirely a good idea?
13:00 Emotions and decision making
15:00 Institutional investors are far too focused on optimising
17:00 Attributes of good investors.
18:00 Self-awareness and group awareness
21:00 Starting a business out of frustration
25:00 Technology allowed me to start a business in a way I couldn’t 10 years ago
26:00 Optimisers are very sensitive to the assumptions you put in, so you get the answer that you want.
27:00 Too many marginal positions.
31:00 Finding a clients edge. An example in the property market
34:00 Risk appetite is context dependent
37:00 Managing expectations
40:00 Tips for investors in institutions and for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own advisory business
47:00 Asset management progresses one funeral at a time.

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