Brett Chatfield, Deputy CIO at Cbus

Brett Chatfield, Deputy CIO at Cbus

Cbus Names Chatfield CIO

Chatfield Commences Role Immediately

Cbus Super has appointed Brett Chatfield as Chief Investment Officer (CIO) for the $83 billion fund.

Chatfield had already been deputy CIO of the fund since CIO Kristian Fok took on the Acting CEO role following the retirement of Justin Arter in May

Fok was appointed as CEO earlier this month.

“Brett Chatfield has been integral in the development of Cbus’ highly successful investment model, which has generated incredibly strong long-term returns for our members,” Fok said.

“I look forward to working with Brett as he leads the investment of our members’ retirement savings and cements the strong links Cbus has through our investments in the real economy and jobs,” he said.

Chatfield recently launched the fund’s new five-year investment strategy, which includes an expansion of internal investment capabilities. Currently, Cbus runs more than 38 per cent of its assets in-house.

In conjunction with asset class refinements and pushing down external manager costs, internalisation has delivered total cumulative investment costs savings of more than $500 million since 2017, Cbus said.

“Next year is the 40th anniversary of construction workers winning the right to super and sparking the creation of Cbus, and I’m looking forward to being at the forefront of our future investment achievements, delivering for our members and their retirement outcomes,” Chatfield said

He commences in the role immediately.


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