Luncheon with TCorp Chief Economist Brian Redican
Luncheon with TCorp's Chief Economist Brian Redican | Co-hosted with JP Morgan Asset Management

Luncheon with TCorp Chief Economist Brian Redican

Evaluating Risks Posed by Inflation, Interest Rates & More

Has the nature of inflation fundamentally changed?

What does that mean for interest rate policy and other macro factors? What impact might this have on major institutional investors over the medium to long term?

Will the move towards a low-emission economy play a role in future volatility?

TCorp Chief Economist Brian Redican contends that no central bank or government may be able to safeguard investors from bouts of inflation volatility and geopolitical forces. As a result, the global economy may become an inherently riskier place to operate in.

Scenario Analysis & Total Portfolio Approach

Rather than predict where inflation, interest rates or even the US dollar will go, Brian investigates possible scenarios and their interplay with each other. This work is core to TCorp’s total portfolio approach that puts investment risk at the centre of its model, rather than a sole focus on returns.

In this luncheon co-hosted with JP Morgan Asset Management, we will hear how Brian makes sense of the various scenarios that could play out over the medium term.

About the Speaker: Brian Redican

Brian Redican, Chief Economist, TCorp | Investment Innovation Institute
Brian Redican, Chief Economist, TCorp

Brian Redican is the Chief Economist at NSW Treasury Corporation (TCorp), a position he assumed in 2014. As TCorp’s Chief Economist, Brian provides economic and financial market research to TCorp’s external clients as well as TCorp’s internal teams.

Prior to joining TCorp, Brian worked at Macquarie Bank for 14 years where he headed up Australia and NZ economic research. This involved delivering forecasts, reports and presentations on the Australian and Global economies for a combination of internal and external clients.

Before joining Macquarie, Brian worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia for 5 years and was responsible for compiling the RBA’s economic activity forecasts.

TCorp is the financial services partner to the NSW public sector, providing best-in-class investment management, financial management solutions and advice. With $100.7bn of assets under management, TCorp is a top 10 Australian institutional investor and is the central borrowing authority of the state of NSW, with a balance sheet of A$124.3bn.