Luncheon with Raphael Arndt, CIO of Future Fund

Luncheon with Raphael Arndt, CIO of Future Fund

The End of Quantitative Easing: Implications for the Global Economy and Investors

2018 marks ten years since the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis.

The response to the GFC led to unprecedented and co-ordinated action from central banks that saved the world from a repeat of the Great Depression.

Ten years on, the US Federal Reserve is in the process of unwinding this stimulus.  In this context, Dr Raphael Arndt, Chief Investment Officer of the Future Fund, will reflect on the current state of the global economy and financial markets and what this means for the outlook, from the perspective of a long-term institutional investor allocating A$175 billion in global markets.

This luncheon is co-hosted with Macquarie Investment Management.