Luncheon: Human and Machine Decision-Making

Luncheon: Human and Machine Decision-Making

In a world of powerful algorithms and intelligent robots, of passive and factor-based strategies, what is the future role for humans in the investment management industry?

What can asset managers learn from Deep Blue’s triumph at chess, from Watson’s victory at Jeopardy, from AlphaGo’s win at Go, from machine learning’s success at language translation, or from the analysis of Google search terms to predict the spread of the flu? What do these examples from the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence teach us that is relevant for an analyst forecasting corporate earnings, for an asset manager’s strategy team deciding which new product to launch, for their HR manager thinking about what skills to recruit for, or for a client engagement team seeking to influence prospective clients?

Co-hosted with Macquarie Investment Management, this luncheon presentation leverages unique insights into the strengths and weaknesses of professional investment decision-making that have been gained from Simon’s role as a specialist behavioural finance consultant and trainer.

By combining concepts from behavioural finance and artificial intelligence, Simon identifies ways investment professionals can create “cyborgs” decision-making processes that integrate individual, team and machine thinking. When designed appropriately, cyborgs can perform better than humans or machines alone.

With cyborg decision-making, improved risk-adjusted returns, greater client engagement, and more sustainable value propositions are possible.


About the Speaker:

Simon Russell is Founder and Director of Behavioural Finance Australia (BFA). He provides specialist behavioural finance training & consulting to fund managers, major super funds and other financial services professionals.

With qualifications in psychology and investments, and experience working with a broad range of professional investment teams and advisers, Simon is part psychologist and part investment professional. His services help his clients to apply insights about investment decision-making to tailor their investment processes and client engagement strategies.

Simon recently authored “Cyborg: How to Optimally Integrate Human and Machine Investment Decision-Making“. He is also the author of “Applying Behavioural Finance in Australia: 12 Strategies for Fund Managers, Financial Advisers, Asset Consultants, Super Funds & Other Sophisticated Investors.”

Simon holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) & Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) both from the University of Adelaide, Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance & Investments from the Securities Institute of Australia, Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University, Diploma of Financial Planning from MLC Advice Education and a Graduate Certificate in Management from the Australian Institute of Management.


** Due to overwhelming investor response, the venue has now been moved to Macquarie’s offices at G/F, 1 Shelley Street, Sydney NSW 2000.