Chinese Equities Webinar
[i3] Chinese Equities Webinar | Co-hosted with Northern Trust Asset Management

Chinese Equities Webinar

Should They Stay or Should They Go?

As China’s economic growth slows down and cracks are starting to appear in its real estate sector, investors are questioning whether they should reduce their allocation to Chinese equities.

Rising geopolitical tensions over the independence of Taiwan and China’s position in the Ukraine war add further fuel to the discussion.

Exposure vs Tracking Error

If institutional investors decide to minimise their exposure to China but do not want to incur too much tracking error, then how should they go about this?

In partnership with Northern Trust Asset Management, this webinar discuss how much influence Chinese equities have on the risk and return profiles of global equity and emerging market portfolios and how to use risk models to adjust allocations in a thoughtful manner.


Michael Hunstad, Deputy CIO & CIO - Global Equities, Northern Trust Asset Management
Michael Hunstad, Deputy CIO & CIO – Global Equities, Northern Trust Asset Management

Michael Hunstad is deputy chief investment officer and chief investment officer of global equities for Northern Trust Asset Management. He is a member of the Asset Management Executive Group and has oversight of all equity portfolio management, research and trading activities including quantitative, index and tax-advantaged strategies.

Additionally, Michael assists with the development of investment vision, strategy portfolio construction and risk management framework for the firm’s broad investment platform.

Previously, Michael was Head of Quantitative Strategies where he was responsible for leading Northern Trust Asset Management’s factor based research, portfolio management and product development programs. Before joining Northern Trust, he was head of research at Breakwater Capital, an algorithmic trading firm and hedge fund. Prior to that role, he was head of quantitative asset allocation at Allstate Investments, LLC and a quantitative analyst with a long-short equity hedge fund.

Michael has also served as an adjunct professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Michael holds a Ph.D. in mathematics, an MBA in finance, an M.A. in econometrics and a bachelor’s degree in economics.