Episode 42: TCorp’s Greg Cooper

Problems of Public Markets, Active Management and VC

Greg Cooper was for many years the Chief Executive Officer for Schroder Investment Management in Australia. More recently, he joined TCorp, the AU$ 93 billion government asset manager for the state of NSW, as chair of the investment committee and non-executive director. We speak with Greg about whether public markets are broken, the state of active management and his interest in the venture capital space.

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Greg Cooper podcast overview:

1:00 Starting out in actuarial studies
3:00 Focussing on Japanese equities
4:00 Compared to 1986, Japanese equities are still at the same level
5:00 What were some of the highlights of your career at Schroders?
6:50 We’ve moved on from strategic asset allocation
7:55 As a CEO, don’t be afraid of what others think and try to draw out ideas
9:35 Are public markets broken?
11:00 Not having a well-developed VC industry means that a lot of good ideas get starved of capital and eventually go offshore
11:30 Will that change when the effect of QE goes away?
15:00 No investor is entirely passive.
16:30 Passive rose, because active had too large a share, but you can’t have a 100 per cent passive investment market
17:30 Will value-style investing come back?
21:30 You have an interest in fintech and hold a board position at OpenInvest?
25:00 Joining the TCorp board and chairing the investment committee

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