Episode 22: India Avenue’s Mugunthan Siva

Indian Stocks, Modi and Reforms

In this [i3] podcast, we take a look at India. [i3] Insights editor Wouter Klijn spoke with Mugunthan Siva, founder and managing director of India Avenue Investment Management, about the Indian economy, what Modi’s reforms mean for institutional investors and changing attitudes towards ESG issues. Siva spent a large part of his career as an asset allocator with the investment arm of Dutch bank ING and later at ANZ. He has a unique view on the opportunities but also challenges that India presents.

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Podcast overview:

3:30: Why set up a single country fund?
5:00: With India it is a bit more difficult to determine the direct relation with Australia, as we can with China
6:30 Modi reforms, what do they mean for investors?
8:00 What mobile technology means for financial services in India
10:30 What does the introduction of GST mean for interstate trade in India?
12:00 Foreign investments and work for the young population of India
13:00 Urbanisation will see a shift to a more organised economy
14:00 Made in India
15:30 Infrastructure projects in India and land and labour reforms.
16:30 Spending US$ 1 trillion on infrastructure
17:30 Indian stock market consists of US$3trillion and 6000 companies, yet only 200 stocks are covered by brokers
20:00 What is your favourite stock in India?
22:30 Indian banking sector.
24:00 The new bankruptcy code will address bad debt problems among the banks
25:00 India’s IT sector
26:30 Buying Indian IT stocks is not an India play; 90 per cent of their revenues come from overseas
27:30 Large distances has caused a speedy take-up of e-commerce
28:30 ESG and governance in India
31:00 Attitudes towards environmental issues: plastic

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