Episode 93: NextEnergy Capital’s Michael Bonte-Friedheim

Investing in Solar Energy

In episode 93 of the [i3] Podcast, we speak with Michael Bonte-Friedheim, the Founding Partner and Group CEO of NextEnergy Capital, a firm that specialises in investing in solar energy plants. We talk about the role of subsidies, the growth of the sector and the fact that ESG in solar isn’t just about renewable energy.

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Overview of Podcast with Michael Bonte-Friedheim

01:00 The genesis of NextEnergy Capital
04:00 Solar is our choice of technology
05:00 The technology of solar hasn’t changed a lot, but the efficiency and the cost of components has changed dramatically. So much so that in most countries, solar energy does not require subsidies
10:00 What makes one solar plant more attractive from an investment perspective than another?
12:00 ESG issues in solar: integration of solar plant in landscape and community
16:00 On floating solar plants: water evaporation and birds
20:00 The impact of the Inflation Reduction Act
21:00 Solar in China
23:30 More and more institutional investors are breaking down what is in that infrastructure and real asset bucket
28:00 Solar Plus
30:00 Solar is expected to double in size over the next few years
31:00 Biodiversity – what happens to soil if you leave it alone for 40 years?
35:30 The NextEnergy Foundation receives five per cent of our group’s profits

This podcast was sponsored by NextEnergy Capital. As such, the sponsor may suggest topics for discussion, but the final control over the content remains with the Investment Innovation Institute [i3].


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