Episode 85: PGIM’s Jakob Wilhelmus

Food Security and the Global Economy

In episode 85 of the [i3] Podcast, we speak with Jakob Wilhelmus, who is Director of Thematic Research at PGIM, about the new report into food security and the changing food system. We spoke about the impact on the global economy and investment opportunities for institutional investors. Please enjoy the show!

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Overview of Podcast with Jakob Wilhelmus, PGIM

01:00 PGIM has published a report ‘Food for Thought: Investment Opportunities Across a Changing Food System’
02:00 The current food system is increasingly unfit for purpose
03:00 Food security and the broader economy
04:00 About 40 per cent of the global population’s employment is tied to the food system
06:30 The combination of increased temperature and more frequent extreme weather events will see crop yields decline by 12 – 15 per cent
07:30 Investment opportunities related to the food theme
11:00 Cultivated meat industry is at an ‘awkward’ stage of its life
15:30 Innovation in food supply and security
16:30 Automatic vehicles and farming
17:30 Investing in farmland
19:00 ESG, fertilisers and carbon emissions in food production
21:00 Food packaging, investment opportunities and plastic pollution
24:30 About 40 per cent of all food produced is wasted. Are there any companies tackling this problem?

To read the full report, please visit: https://www.pgim.com/megatrends/food-for-thought