Episode 71: Digital Assets with Nick Abrahams

NFTs, Cybersecurity and Ransomware

Nick Abrahams is the Global co-leader of Norton Rose Fulbright‘s Digital Transformation Practice and a futurist. In this episode, we talk about digital assets, the value drivers behind non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cybersecurity and negotiating with ransomware attackers.

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Overview of Podcast with Nick Abrahams, Norton Rose Fulbright

01:00 You are a lawyer by trade. How did you get involved in the digital disruption space?
05:00 The application of NFTs; bored monkeys and basketball collectors’ items
07:00 NFTs are bought by crypto-natives
09:00 Ticketing for sport and music events is a good application of NFTs
10:44 On digital twins
11:00 Token option plans for privately-held companies
13:00 Tokenomics
15:00 For an investor the question is: are you going to punt on the thesis that digital assets are not a thing?
17:00 Are sales of NFTs driven by people anticipating the coming of the metaverse?
18:00 NFTs are partly about off-platform ownership, about not owning an item only in one game
21:00 How do you determine value in NFTs?
22:30 Penfold’s loyalty NFT and the need for asset-backing
26:00 Are we still in the test phase to find out what is valuable and what is worthless?
27:30 Ownership of digital information, such has health or financial information
29:00 Cybersecurity and negotiating with ransomware attackers.
30:00 Are we winning the cyber war?
34:00 What is the development that you are most excited about? DeFi!
34:30 Nick’s podcast: Web3 From Mystery to Mainstreet


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