Episode 56: Cbus’ Nicole Bradford

Net zero 2050, SDGs and Greenwashing

Nicole Bradford is Global Head of Responsible Investment for superannuation fund Cbus. In this podcast, we speak about Cbus’ commitment to achieve net zero carbon by 2050, the UN-backed sustainable development goals and green washing. This podcast is brought to you in partnership with Trillium Asset Management and Perpetual.

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Overview of Podcast with Nicole Bradford, Global Head of Responsible Investment, Cbus:

3:00 Working for CSIRO in satellite imaging and remote sensing
5:00 General Electric
7:20 ESG then and now
8:30 Corporate scandals
10:00 Are members a driving force behind ESG?
12:00 CBus members are very aware of the issues in workers’ safety
13:00 Achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, what can you do in the portfolio?
16:00 Challenge in reducing carbon emissions in government bonds.
18:00 Data challenges
19:00 Should we start tackling climate change in real assets?
24:00 How do you decide which ESG organisations are worth your time?
26:40 Shareholder resolutions are just one tool in the toolbox and their usage differs per region
31:00 SDGs are absolutely important to investors
32:00 We need to start thinking about the impact of our investments on the world around us
33:00 Cbus has identified seven SDGs that are relevant to our portfolio
35:00 On SDGs and rainbow washing
37:00 Are we adding value to the SDGs?
38:00 If you could solve one ESG issue, what would it be?
40:20 Stranded asset framework, using forward-looking metrics.

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