Episode 101: ECP’s Damon Callaghan and Sam Byrnes

Artificial Intelligence and Australian Equities

In episode 101 of the [i3] Podcast, we speak with Damon Callaghan and Sam Byrnes of asset management firm ECP. ECP was established by Dr. Manny Pohl and in this episode we talk about the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence when investing in Australian equities. Enjoy the show!

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01:00 How we got started in investing
04:00 Sam: My dad was CEO of Bega Cheese and that got me both interested in business and also made clear that I didn’t want to work in a factory
06:00 Who is ECP?
09:30 Artificial Intelligence and the Australian stock market
13:00 Parallel processing and the ability for GPU’s to work in tandem
15:00 Where do you see the best use cases in Australian companies?
17:00 Hub24 is a good example of AI being used well
22:00 Is AI disruptive, or does it merely cement the dominance of the large incumbents?
23:30 Xero vs MYOB
29:30 Can you defraud a chatbot?
30:00 Corporate use of AI will be a lot slower than what the hyperscalers would like
37:00 Consultants will be the biggest winners from this
37:30 Ethical considerations in implementing AI. Adobe and copyright
45:00 The future of AI is hyper personalisation


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