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Size matters

The blue marlin starts life as a tiny larva, measuring not more than a few millimetres long and feeding on plankton. However, they soon undergo a phenomenal transformation, growing to become a sizable ocean predator.

A challenge facing most pacific island funds is size. Whilst they may be the largest local investor, their size pales in comparison to similar global pension and sovereign funds, inevitably bearing a scale disadvantage when venturing offshore.

Unlike the marlin, rapid organic growth for these funds is unlikely. However, there are certainly other innovative ways to create scale.

A recent initiative by the Pacific Islands Investment Forum attempts to aggregate various funds through the creation of a collective investment vehicle. This can facilitate co-investment initiatives in projects, as well as provide a much-needed avenue for risk diversification across the region.

A combined NZ$ 40 billion assets under management across all funds also allows a concerted voice at the negotiating table with multilateral financing agencies and global financial institutions.

Governance matters

In its 6th edition, the annual [i3] Pacific Investment Strategy Forum will endeavour to provide education and training to pacific island funds, as they contemplate global investing as well as co-investments.

A key focus of the 2020 program will be investment governance, a foundational criterion for investment success.

Key issues to be covered include

  • Fiduciary responsibilities for trustees
  • Investment decision-making and delegated authority
  • Portfolio construction and global investing
  • Liquidity and risk management
  • Collaboration and co-investments
  • Integrating sustainability


Resilience matters

American author Ernest Hemmingway’s “The old man and the sea” (published 1952) tells the story of an aging fisherman and his struggle with a marlin off the coast of Cuba. Metaphorically, this classic depicts perseverance, tenacity and commitment.

As a strategic education partner of the Pacific Islands investment community, this [i3] forum will equip funds with governance and investment knowledge, as well as empower them to build resilience in their organisations.