Climate Change Impact Roundtable 2020
[i3] Climate Change Impact Roundtable

Climate Change Impact Roundtable 2020

The impact of climate change on investment portfolios are well documented. While the inherent risks remain difficult to measure and quantify, the transition to a low-carbon economy will also give rise to new investment opportunities.

Interestingly, the COVID-19 pandemic might have inadvertently accelerated this shift.

As part of [i3] Pivot, we’re pleased to organise an investor roundtable to discuss the impact of climate change on investor portfolios as well as evaluate the opportunities arising from energy transition to renewables.

This roundtable is hosted in partnership with GMO.

Key themes to be addressed include:

(a) Portfolio Strategy
  • Investment Beliefs & Stakeholder Management
  • Climate Change Impact on the Portfolio
  • ESG vs Impact Investing
  • Implications arising from COVID-19 pandemic
    • Acceleration of energy transition
(b) Climate Risk
  • Carbon Risk in Portfolios: Measuring, reducing, valuing, pricing
    • Public Markets
    • Real Assets
  • Stranded Assets
  • Additional considerations
    • Materiality
    • Engagement
(c) Investing in Energy Transition
  • Framing the Opportunity Set: Assessing, identifying, implementing
  • Investment Possibilities
    • Alternative Sources of Energy
    • Adapting Existing Systems
    • Other Innovative Technologies


Virtual Roundtable